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Case Studies

Vion Foods implements CCMT - case study

Vion Food Group

Upholding quality in the food industry
Visma Connect leads the implementation of Dutch Single Window for Maritime and Air

Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat

Trade enters the digital era

Visma Connect maintains Agreement Framework for iSHARE a data sharing initiative in logistics


Strengthening a key pillar in the Dutch economy

Dutch Data Protection Authority streamlines data breach reports with Visma Connect

Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens

Qualified, secure & Centralised Reporting

Visma Raet speeds up time to market - case study

Visma | Raet

Managing integrations has never been easier

frontpage SBR wonen

SBR Wonen

Seamless, secure and standardized business reporting

case study Florida

State of Florida

Standardising financial filings in the State of Florida


FS_API Management

API Management

A solution to design, build, publish and maintain APIs

Frontpage Managed Connectivity

Managed Connectivity

The helpdesk that makes integrations happen

Frontpage SBR and Portals for Supervisory Authorities

Accountability Reporting Portals for Supervisory Authorities

Combine multiple data streams to improve your reporting chain

Taxonomy Services

Taxonomy Development Services

Get everyone on the same page

Collect Qualified Reporting Information

Accountability Reporting

Protect data integrity when collecting mandatory accountability information

FS_Integrations Platform_LR_V1[2]

Visma Connect Integrations Platform

Build and deploy integrations with speed

Loginex NL Factsheet

Visma Loginex

Loginex Carbon Intelligence



De overheid ontketend

The landscape of information and data sharing has evolved significantly in recent years, transitioning from isolated data silos to collaborative, data-driven approaches. This shift presents vast opportunities for governments striving for enhanced efficiency. Join us in this Dutch-spoken webinar as we delve into the transformation from data silos to data-driven collaboration.


The Integration Triple Made Easy

Are you tired of dealing with scattered data across different platforms? Say goodbye to overtyping, copy-pasting, and security risks! Watch our webinar to explore the world of seamless integration and revolutionise your workflow!

Webinar-LinkedIn (3)

Integration Essentials: How to Get Your Integrations Right

Watch our webinar: Integration Essentials: How to Get Your Integrations Right. This webinar will delve into managing and maintaining integrations, data privacy, security and implementing best practices.

Webinar-LinkedIn (4)

Accelerating Digital Reporting

Watch our webinar: Accelerating Digital Reporting for a summary of trends, insights, and key takeaways from the XBRL Europe 2023 conference - a must-attend event for digital reporting enthusiasts.


Trends and best practices while building integrations

In this webinar, we will bring you up to speed and discuss the latest trend and best practices in integrations.


Exploring AI in sustainability reporting

Most companies have thousands of suppliers. Retailers and manufacturers can have hundreds of thousands. Getting your sustainability information from these suppliers is a hell of a job. Getting it accurate and properly attributed is next to impossible following the common sustainability reporting tactics most companies use today. 

info.vismaconnect.nlhubfsThe Power of Scope 3 Emissions Data

The Power of Scope 3

The Power of Scope 3 Emissions Data: Using Insights to Drive Sustainable Business Practices

ESG Webinar Image

Discover the ESG Clearing House

Founding members ABN AMRO, Signify and Visma invite you to join their webinar: Discover the ESG Clearing House. The ESG Clearing House is a market-led, collective solution that enables the standardised exchange of all sustainability metrics.

Page Header Solving the ESG Data Challenge

Solving the ESG data challenge

The need for reliable, standardised ESG Data is increasing at a rapid speed due to the following: upcoming legislation and standardisation: CSRD, SFDR, CSDDD and ISSB and increasing demand from investors, business partners and other stakeholders.

Earth day 2022

Earth Day Breakfast session

One of the biggest challenges on the road towards sustainability is handling sustainability data throughout the supply chain. Accumulating, processing and attributing sustainability data and combining these with internal data is key to get actionable insights. It is also mandated by regulations such as the upcoming CSRD, CSDD, The Supply Chain Act and recent court decisions. 

Visma Connect and Frends join forces to deliver Frends integration platform to Dutch market

Powerful Low Code Integrations with Frends iPaas

Today, integrations play a crucial role in facilitating reliable and secure data exchange. They have become the lifeline of any organisation wanting to advance in the digital society. Most companies still struggle to execute an integration strategy in an increasingly complex IT landscape. Many don’t have the resources or knowledge to deploy, manage or maintain their integrations. That is, until they discover the benefits of an integration platform as a service. 

Ruud de jonh

Humongous messaging system

Visma Connect has built one of the largest messaging systems in the world. These are the tales of everything we have learned and experienced using MongoDB to implement this humongous messaging system.

Large Companies

Addressing Common Software Integration Hurdles with an Integration Services Platform

Nobody operates on an island. Today, integrations play a crucial role in facilitating reliable and secure data exchange between departments, from company to company or between companies and governments. However, developing integrations in-house is often risky and expensive. It also distracts your core team from business-critical activities. Join this webinar to find out how our Integration Services Platform helps you launch integrations faster with a lower maintenance burden. 

XBRL and AI-2

AI and XBRL: Overcoming challenges to get from data to insights

XBRL is now the standard for financial reporting. Where reports used to be filed as PDF documents or Excel sheets, the XBRL standard has provided regulators with machine readable data. This has opened up a realm of possibility and many regulators are looking to AI to gather valuable insights from the data they receive. The question is, can algorithms be applied to XBRL data?

Earth Day ontbijt

Begin Earth Day duurzaam met Reinier van den Berg

This year's Earth Day theme, Restore Our Earth, resonates deeply with Reinier van den Berg: renowned weatherman, meteorologist, climate activist, and sustainable entrepreneur. Watch our Dutch-spoken webinar for insights from his expertise.

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