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Integration Services

Enabling connectivity in the digital economy

Visma Connect is the specialist in secure information exchange. If you’re looking to integrate systems to participate in today’s economy and society, you’ve come to the right place.

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Seamless Data Integration: Overcoming Ecosystem Challenges

Today’s world is teeming with data. Organisations need to connect their own systems (internally) in order to work efficiently. At the same time, they need to integrate with others in their ecosystem. Often, they are seeking to exchange information or open up their applications for partners to gain access. It’s not unusual for organisations to run into complexity and hurdles when they try to do this. In most cases, they only have to do this once, so they don’t have specialist teams in-house.

Integration Services

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Managed Integrations en Connectivity as a Service

Setting up integrations can be a hassle if it’s not your core business.
It takes specialist skills, the right tooling, and much management time. There are plenty of reasons to leave this in the trusted hands of a partner. If you’re looking to integrate with more IT systems, you can rely on us to be your one-stop solution for managed integrations to ensure the connectivity of your platforms.


API Management

API Management: essential for organisations that want to connect systems to cloud-based software, our API management solution covers the full API lifecycle. We create, manage and monitor APIs and offer a developer portal for your customers.

Integration Services

Manage your Integrations the right way with Visma Connect

Visma Connect is the leader in secure and reliable information exchange



Handling the maintenance is challenging, when you don’t have experts on board. As circumstances change, problems might arise. Undergoing such a project without knowledge of ever-evolving standards is also difficult, not to mention risky. Opening up your systems always comes with security concerns. We help you connect in a safe way and monitor integrations for you, helping you prevent issues from the start.


Who is this for?

Any organisation that can benefit from strategic integrations but has no dedicated integration team. Organisations that experience operational pain handling integrations due to a lack of in-house expertise. Examples include:

  • Software companies that want to release integrations quickly and boost their competitive edge
  • Businesses looking to offer integrations with their IT systems or software and want to outsource integrations and their continuous support and are looking for a fast solution to do so
  • Organisations (public and private) that have to connect many different partners to their application(s) and must share information securely with customers or suppliers.

We’re always happy to talk.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time. Our experts would love to hear from you and discover where and how we can help make your business life easier.