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Information Exchange

SureSync is the go-to solution for seamless and automated information exchange between organisations or within chains. With SureSync, you can effortlessly access, share, and collaborate on structured and authorised information.

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The unified solution for information exchange

SureSync enables governments, financial institutions, regulators, healthcare institutions, and companies to exchange information and manage information flows. SureSync can be expanded with taxonomies and portals and is supported by integrations, consulting, and solution design. SureSync handles the entire information and data exchange process, both Human-to-System (H2S) and System-to-System (S2S).


Twice the trust

SureSync offers trustworthiness on two levels: the who and when through advanced identity authentication and the what through extensive validation, taxonomies and machine-readable output. Making sure you will never receive information you cannot process.


Tailored for your needs

SureSync is a highly customisable solution which makes it easy to adapt to the specific information needs of each organisation and even address the requirements of individual departments. Through easy to setup information flows.


Easy to use

SureSync features simple onboarding with self-service, support, and user-friendly interfaces. SureSync can be seamlessly integrated in your operations and IT landscape through REST APIs, and integrations with your applications of choice.

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In control of your information streams

Governments, companies, and institutions receive, process, and share large amounts of information. They use these information streams to make decisions, create policies, or as a source for management reporting. Often, multiple organisations utilise the same information streams and may add additional data.

SureSync is the solution for companies, governments, and entities that use or share information with other organisations


Our unique portals provide the benefits of standardised information exchange. They offer the same quality and guarantees as other automated solutions without additional IT investments or integrations.



Each company employs its unique idiom, terms, and definitions for their business reports. We can help you achieve structured and comparable reporting with a tool that standardises these diverse elements.

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For companies, governments and institutions that issue digital reports from various fields and the regulators that receive them, it is essential that these reports conform to XBRL’s standards. We have the solution to help you do just that.


What it does

SureSync provides solutions for governments, institutions, and organisations that require large amounts of information to perform their work effectively and meet their increasingly high demands. Whether for supervision, providing benefits, or policy-making, our platform ensures that information can be exchanged easily, securely, and reliably without concerns about completeness, reliability, and information loss. This leads to a more reliable and efficient service delivery.


Future-proof your investment

The information exchange landscape is evolving fast, driven by concerns over privacy, technological advancements, and established and upcoming EU legislation. This shift moves the field towards pull mechanisms, federated structures such as data spaces, and access to information instead of the traditional submission model. We designed SureSync to provide our users with worry-free compliance

We’re always happy to talk.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time. Our experts would love to hear from you and discover where and how we can help make your business life easier.


Efficiency and Resource Savings

SureSync ensures seamless automated processing of all received information. Extensive validation eliminates errors, and diverse data entry options support users of each technological maturity and IT environment. SureSync makes information submission accessible to all, helping to save countless hours of manual processing and information handling.


Accessible Information Exchange 

The unique model of customisability, user-friendliness, and extensive onboarding support provided by SureSync ensures that any organisation, large or small, can benefit from the advantages of automated information exchange.

We’re always happy to talk

Feel free to reach out to us at any time. Our experts would love to hear from you and discover where and how we can help make your business life easier.