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SureSync is the solution for a seamless and automated exchange of information between organizations or within chains

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For supply chains driven by data, not just by wheels

In logistics, there is an increasing demand for transportation. Global supply chains operate 24/7, distributing goods and services across the globe. Disruptions are hardly ever localised now. Just like the flow of goods, disruptions spread like wildfire. This calls for visibility across the chain.


Better decisions

In a complex world, better data leads to better decisions.



Knowing exactly where you stand, thanks to high-quality and reliable data.



Precies weten waar je staat dankzij hoogwaardige en betrouwbare gegevens.


Transparent chains

The 24/7 supply chain is also taking a toll on the environment and creating more traffic congestion in cities. Initiatives like iSHARE, where we facilitate and maintain a data sharing framework, are paramount to drive efficiency, optimise logistics flows, and reduce carbon emissions. Reshoring, 3D printing and other new approaches in manufacturing call for new, specialised supply chains that rely on data rather than wheels.

Data-exchange solutions
for logistics



SureSync is the go-to solution for seamless and automated information exchange between organisations or within chains.



Our unique portals provide the benefits of standardised information exchange. They offer the same quality and guarantees as other automated solutions without additional IT investments or integrations.



Each company employs its unique idiom, terms, and definitions for their business reports. We can help you achieve structured and comparable reporting with a tool that standardises these diverse elements.

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For companies, governments and institutions that issue digital reports from various fields and the regulators that receive them, it is essential that these reports conform to XBRL’s standards. We have the solution to help you do just that.

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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Just as how we use a common language to communicate with others, companies and regulators need a standardised way to speak the same language when exchanging financial and business information. Adopting a standardised language to exchange information is essential to ensure compatibility and comprehension between all participants.

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What are the main trends and developments in the field of information exchange? The EU has 'A Europe fit for the digital age' as one of its six top priorities. Digital technology is changing people's lives and the functioning of businesses. The EU's digital strategy aims to harness this transformation to benefit individuals and businesses while contributing to the goal of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

This strategy includes a comprehensive legislative package, including the Data Governance Act, the Data Act, the AI Act, and the Open Data Directive. All these laws have a significant impact on how we share data.

In addition, citizens and businesses increasingly demand higher privacy and data protection standards.

Structured information exchange is essential for every organisation. Whether it's government institutions collaborating in chains, regulators requesting information from companies and industries, or companies seeking to consolidate data from various departments and branches, the benefits are undeniable. Discover how our services can assist your organisation by contacting us today.

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