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XBRL-certified Validating Processor

For companies, governments and institutions that issue digital reports from various fields and the regulators that receive them, it is essential that these reports conform to XBRL’s standards. XBRLValidPro, Visma’s state-of-the-art XBRL validating processor, facilitates standardised data exchange and correctly validates reports.

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Verified high-quality data

Fully compliant and XBRL-certified in all modules including core, Inline and OIM (JSON and CSV), XBRLValidPro has been thoroughly tested against thousands of conformance suite tests accompanying XBRL specifications. With XBRLValidPro, you can trust that your reports will always contain verified, high-quality data.



Our solution provides a trusted information chain that ensures data quality from the point of entry, making it 100% compliant with XBRL standards and certified XBRL software.


Seamless Integration

Built with interoperability in mind, XBRLValidPro offers seamless integration with existing systems.



You can trust our XBRL-certified technology,  which has already been robustly used in practice.


What it does

Based on XBRL toolsets and standards, XBRLValidPro simplifies the validation of XBRL reports, providing an easy and practical solution. Developed in Scala with a modular architecture, it ensures highly optimised in-memory processing.  Its underlying technology has a proven track record of processing and validating millions of messages in Digipoort for Logius.


Officially certified XBRL validating processor

The XBRL certification program guarantees that certified software products work together and can easily consume reports, regardless of origin.



Visma Validator enhances various Visma products, including Visma Portals, enabling the generation of valid XBRL reports with robust data quality right from the initial stages of data entry. Utilising its certified Table-linkbase module, the generated tables are suitable for presentation and data entry. XBRLValidPro plays a crucial role in the continuous integration workflow, contributing to the construction and validation of large taxonomies, such as the Dutch Chamber of Commerce’s taxonomy.


Supported Standards

XBRLValidPro supports a range of standards, including XBRL v2.1, XBRL Dimensions v1.0, Inline XBRL v1.1, xBRL-JSON v1.0, xBRL-CSV v1.0, Table Linkbase v1.0, Extensible Enumerations v1.0 & v2.0, FORMULA V1.0, and Taxonomy Package V1.0.nd validating millions of messages in Digipoort for Logius.

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